Sources And Resources

In this episode, I’ll be talking about sources. I think in many directions, and I read a lot of blogs, but not as many as most people who read blogs. I read one to five blogs on each of the following subjects: home, architecture, and interior design; being green, or reducing ecological impact; small houses (which fits into both of the above categories); crafts; fashion; weddings (and a subcategory of non-mainstream weddings); technology.

Each one has a purpose. I find we spend most of our lives in buildings, so architecture and interior design are very important, and often, what works well as design in one field will translate well to another. I find reducing ecological impact is the most easy thing we can do to impact the world in a positive way. It may not be the best, but it’s the easiest. Small houses fascinate the hell out of me, and I want to build one of my own one day. Crafts are my hobby. I love making things, designing things. Fashion I could ignore entirely, but like I said, something that works well in one field of design often works well in others. Weddings have become a modern spectacle of the culmination of a life. I think that most things that apply to weddings apply to everyday life, as they seem to be everyday life concentrated. Plus, weddings also fascinate the hell out of me. Technology, and innovations in technology, heavily influence how I perceive the world. It’s only fitting that, on a computer, I should be reading about what I’m going to be reading on next.

Here are some choice articles I find I can apply to this blog:

CRAFTzine’s article on embellishing and selling

Small Living Journal condenses green philosophy from Andrea Zittel

Apartment Therapy’s article on optimism and learning how to finish [projects]

As always, if you have any ideas, feel free to comment.


About neffington

Born on the first cold day of October in 1986, I am a strange individual, but not anything out of the ordinary. My life has been a struggle to find the mean between being true to myself, living up to my own standards, making the world a better place, living out life in a socially acceptable way, and giving in to the temptation to ignore any of the above in order to stay sane.
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