Quitting (For Now)

So I’ve decided this blog is too much for me to handle. My life is in disarray, and this blog is one of several New Year’s Resolutions I seem incapable of keeping, and the others are more important.

In the meantime, I’ll post less, I suppose. I can’t reach my goal of weekly posts, but I’ll add when I can.

I came up with this idea a little while back, not very original, but an idea. Plywood sheet on milk crate base. Lots of storage for all my stuff. Cause, as we’ve established, I have too much.

Milk Crate Bed

Later. Hopefully not too much later.


About neffington

Born on the first cold day of October in 1986, I am a strange individual, but not anything out of the ordinary. My life has been a struggle to find the mean between being true to myself, living up to my own standards, making the world a better place, living out life in a socially acceptable way, and giving in to the temptation to ignore any of the above in order to stay sane.
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