Thank you Offbeat Home!

I’d like to take time to thank Cat Rocketship of Offbeat Home for polishing and publishing my article, “Ditch The Magazine: Improving House Esteem” – I look forward to keeping up with the comments, as well as the new blog. I’m so excited!

As for reuseitup, I currently am working on a painting using a set of paints I purchased more than a year ago, instead of new paint, and I am painting on an old canvas I purchased for a different project that I never started. This limited palette has actually worked out pretty well, and I’m hoping to post pictures of the process soon. Stay tuned, and thanks again!

Over and out.


About neffington

Born on the first cold day of October in 1986, I am a strange individual, but not anything out of the ordinary. My life has been a struggle to find the mean between being true to myself, living up to my own standards, making the world a better place, living out life in a socially acceptable way, and giving in to the temptation to ignore any of the above in order to stay sane.
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